ROAS rising on 3x conversion increase and AOV boost of 9.93%

A case study of Forest Beauty

Founded in 2017, Forest Beauty is a popular Taiwanese skincare brand that’s gaining international recognition. This is its third year as a finalist at the #PureBeautyGlobal awards.

Forest Beauty made the #PureBeautyGlobal awards for the third year in a row, this year with its CICA Aqua Rich Sunscreen.

But along with their solid growth and the high honor of the award, 2020-21 also brought some uncertainty for Forest Beauty — as it did to almost everyone in ecommerce thanks to the pandemic.

The problem: website SaaS providers not converting enough traffic, bounce rate too high

When covid hit, traffic spiked and ecommerce marketing managers all over the world were racking their brains to…

Automate on-/off-site marketing and maximize conversions in 2021

Online traffic doesn’t get any heavier than during the BFCM (Black Friday Cyber Monday) long weekend, which begins this year on Friday, November 26.

Lots of ecommerce pros go to great lengths to prepare early with the intention of selling as much as they can.

Fashion ecommerce is especially busy, with 55% of shoppers planning to buy clothing, shoes and leather goods.

PDP tricks increasing AOV from Asian fashion’s ground zero

Seo Taiji and Boys, Early 90s Korean Rappers
Early 90s Korean rappers/boyband, Seo Taiji and Boys.

K-Pop exploded into being when censorship in pre-1990s South Korea loosened and rappers Seo Taiji and Boys became famous. 30 years later, K-Pop has transcended world music, art and especially fashion.

Personalized marketing, user generated content, plus three more ways to improve customer retention

Photo by bruce mars on Unsplash

For brands focused on hanging on to more customers, hope lies in the huge gap between the CX people expect, and the reality of most ecommerce experiences. As it turns out, most brands don’t put in enough effort.

Shifts in online behavior have been surveyed thoroughly (see below). The gap is real! Now more than ever, brands that can deliver online experiences that show empathy will stand out and gain customer loyalty.

That Salesforce study from last year

During the summer of 2020, Salesforce surveyed over 15000 mostly B2C consumers for their 4th annual State of the Connected Customer report.

It was an interesting time for…

A checklist for maxing out conversions on Black Friday Cyber Monday (2021)

Photo by Ashkan Forouzani on Unsplash

Last year’s BFCM was a record setting day for online shopping and many of you, especially all you site merchandisers out there, should already be preparing this year’s day of days.

With this in mind we analyzed ecommerce methods currently used by our clients and other top merchants and compiled this shortlist of 11 online merchandising suggestions for 2021.

How does your site stack up? Does it have the features it needs to turn shoppers into buyers this year? It’s not too late to make changes before the door crashing begins!

11 online merchandising tactics for 2021

1) Use computer vision for more detailed product tags

How leading apparel brands convert hesitant shoppers in 2021

Photo by Jezael Melgoza on Unsplash

Big websites have been dealing with shopping cart abandonment for years and the tactics they use to combat it are actually hiding in plain sight.

So we had a look at the 10 best apparel brands by value for 2021 and noted 15 things they all more or less do to convert more shopping carts.

A handful of proven customer engagement tools for fashion ecommerce

Photo by Zan on Unsplash

Product desirability matters, but online competition is at an all time high and nowadays it’s all about engaging customers and nurturing them toward a checkout like a sales person would.

So the top websites are putting marketing dollars into developing their CX to re-create the intimacy and social environment of the brick and mortar shop.

The marketing technologies that have made this digital transformation possible have become common in the fashion industry because they really can guide shoppers along their journey and convert more sales. The big five are:

Table of Contents

1) UGC (user generated content)
2) PDP personalized recommendations
3) Personalized pop-ups
4) Virtual…

The Rosetta AI ecommerce real talk series with Dean Lockard

Part two begins with Dean concluding his story about one of his more daring automotive industry sales campaigns that he ran while in Australia. Did it pay off?

A quick recap of Dean’s campaign story from Part 1:

Dean offered full refunds to three off-road vehicle customers per month in exchange for writing stories about what kind of adventures the customers were having while driving around in the Australian wilderness. Customers were asked to post their stories on social media and the three stories with the most engagement each month were selected and then reposted on the company website. …

The Rosetta AI ecommerce real talk series with Dean Lockhard

Dean Lockhard is a Marketing Director and Entrepreneur with 19-years experience in Australia, Europe and the US. He created over US$ 500M in sales for ecommerce companies in the automotive and fashion industries and he’s now exploring new distribution models for AI and B2B at Mission AI.

In this June 2021 webinar, he joined Rosetta AI Marketing Head, Mason Kuang, to share real-life experiences about creating desire from user data.

This transcript is the first part of a two-part series about how Dean has triggered desire and gained trust by making connections through his unique take on user data.


New recommendation system on K-fashion site drives huge revenue increase, decreases workload

Codibook rewards for the top three community members’ contributions to collection #171.

A case study with CODIBOOK

Codibook is a Korean fashion ecommerce website known for its shopping community of over 800000 “Coordinators,” who create their favorite outfits from an assortment of products from over 70 different online retailers.

They share their creations as shoppable outfits on the Codibook website for other users to see. Great outfits are rewarded with giveaways, encouraging customer engagement and attracting new users all the time.

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